What Makes Our Fireplaces Different?

“There are many things that set us apart and make us different from other South African fireplace brands…”
Harry Wörz, Designer Fireplaces M

Here at Designer Fireplaces, we strive to bring you some of the most innovative and cost-effective wood burning heating solutions available in South Africa. The focus lies on providing long lasting heat while remaining true to our credo of being ecologically sustainable and cost effective. The concept is based on the advantages a masonry heater provides but has been reengineered to suit the requirements of the South African climate and architecture. While winters in the Austrian Alps command the highest demand for heat 24 hours day, South African winters generally require readily available heating for no more than up to 12 hours a day. Also South African homes often have large open plan living areas. This heating option – with its ability to heat spaces in excess of 200m2 – suits offices, restaurants and most importantly your home.

Designer Fireplaces Pricing

All fireplaces are meticulously designed and built using highest quality imported refractory materials. It takes our highly trained and experienced fireplace builders between 4 and 7 days to complete a fireplace on site. The average cost of a Designer Fireplace is at approximately R80.000.


Our value proposition to you:

As one of the top premier fireplace brands in the country we have learnt that what makes us different, also allows us to make you the following added value promises..

We’ll offer you class leading energy efficiency

Our fireplaces are designed to keep the heat where it matters, in your home (or any other establishment for that matter). The special glass door and the full ceramic structure absorbs the heat and provides up to 88% of that energy as heat to your home or workplace. In fact, unlike most other fireplaces, only 12-20% of the energy produced in a Designer Fireplace is lost.

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Each of our Fireplaces is Styled to Match your Décor

If you can imagine it we can design it. We are not limited to any fixed structures. All fireplaces are individual pieces designed according to your taste and design desires.

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Our Fireplaces Will Always be Hassle Free

You may not believe it, but the high burning temperatures achieved in our Original BioFire and Radiance-Series ensure a minimum of ash. We have done up to 140 full heating cycles without removing any ash.

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We will Give you an Eco Friendly Fireplace

At Designer Fireplaces we pay the greatest attention to what is good for our planet and our fireplaces will always ensure that you have as small an ecological footprint as possible when using it. While we agree that the burning of wood does create smoke and a certain amount of emissions it is important how the combustion takes place. With all our fireplace designs combustion is optimised to keep emissions to a bare minimum.

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Every one of our Fireplaces is Safe & Child-Friendly

All our Designer Fireplaces come with a special glass window ensuring all flames stay where they belong. At the same time, the full ceramic fireplace structure gets hot, yet not to the extent that a child or pet can hurt themselves.

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