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Cape Town’s Uniquely Engineered & Designed Fireplaces

Our fireplaces are engineered based on heat-retaining fireplace technology providing you with a wood-burning fireplace with excellent heating capacity far beyond that of a normal combustion fireplace.

The Benefits of a Designer Fireplace

Designed for your unique heating requirements
Light the fire once day – no reloading required
Large area heating capacity
Wood ash removal only 1-2 times per year
Always have a clean fireplace window

How do our Fireplaces Work?

Ever wondered how Europe survives its cold winters? Unlike conventional slow combustion fireplaces, we specialise in the construction of custom designed ceramic masonry fireplaces. Long used in central and northern Europe the concept of masonry heaters is relatively new to South Africa. The full ceramic structure of the fireplace stores the energy it generates and provides it as radiant heat long after the flames have gone. Our range of custom designed wood burning fireplaces will efficiently warm up your home, and will add great value to your home thanks to the stylish looks of all of our fireplace designs. And yes, Designer Fireplaces are also eco-friendly fireplaces.

Masonry Heater internal

The ceramic combustion and heat storage chambers: the larger the living area the more heat storage chambers are required

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To request a free assessment from our Designer Fireplace Team in Cape Town simply fill in the “request an assessment” form at the top of this page or call us directly. With many years experience in the construction of fireplaces, we will design and build the perfect heat-retaining fireplace for your home or business.