Cost Comparisons
The cost of electricity is set to increase by 25,8% and 25,9% respectively in 2012 and 2013. Price developments thereafter are unknown and provide a great deal of uncertainty. Similarly butane gas has also seen radical price increments in the past years. Both commodities are controlled by large corporations and the prices are regulated by standard market forces. In case of electricity the consumer might even have to subsidise large infrastructural investments for the future.

Wood on the other hand is a renewable resource growing in abundance in South Africa. Currently 8% of the country is invaded by alien tree vegetation that can be used as firewood. (10 milion hectares of land and 2 billion m3 of firewood)

By installing a BioFire fireplace you will start saving money from the moment you heat your house for the first time.

Take a look at the simple cost comparison below that you yourself can do at home.

Electric Under-Floor Heating vs. a Wood Fired BioFire Fireplace

The energy costs for heating an open plan area of about 100 m² between May and mid-September in South Africa for a period of 135 days can be worked out as follows:
ESKOM’s electricity costs is currently at R1,35 per KW (incl. VAT, Somerset West, August 2011). In order to have a comfortable home you will require your underfloor heating for roughly 100 of those 135 days, with an average use of 16 hours per day. To heat up a 100 m2 area approximately 9KW will be required: 9KW per hour equals R12,11 x 16 hours. This in turn equals R193,81 per day and over the abovementioned 100 day period this equals R19.381,00 per year.

A BioFire fireplace on the other hand uses up to 25 pieces of wood per day to heat up a similar area at a cost of R19,00 per day (incl. firelighters & VAT). When you add that up over a 100 day period it equals only R1.900,00 per year.
The difference in operational heating costs being approximately R17.500,00 p.a. for an area of 100 m² if you want to live in a comfortable and warm surrounding.

We can help you with a cost comparison for YOUR home!

If you would like us to compile a direct cost comparison to see how much you can save by building a BioFire fireplace in your home please contact us.