Modern Fireplace Design in a Seaside Guest Lodge

This modern fireplace was built to replace an existing inefficient gas fireplace. To keep a narrow profile it was decided to use the entire room height for the radiant heating surface, instead of building the structure any wider. The fireplace forms part of the entrance hall surrounded by several comfortable couches. This is the perfect place for guests to take up the cosy atmosphere in winter. Alex Schiestl, the owner of Eden of Africa Guest Lodge, had the following to say after his first BioFire heating season:

“Being Austrian I appreciate the comforts of a ‘Kachelofen’. I can only encourage South Africans to get to know and understand this product, as only a ‘Kachelofen’ can provide the superior comforts of long lasting radiant heat.”
Alex Schiestl, Melkbosstrand

The installation of this Designer Fireplace
As indicated above the aim was to keep this fireplace as narrow as possible. This was facilitated through the use of a modern vertical stainless steel fireplace door. To add visual depth to this modern fireplace the door had been recessed by 5 centimeters. Additionally a recessed center stripe had been carfully handcrafted to the top of the fireplace. All recessed fireplace sections were then covered with the tile that was also used for the podium.
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