A Red Hot Designer Fireplace in Stellenbosch

This wood-burning fireplace was built at an old client of ours that we had worked with on several other projects previously. When discussing the design, we had unlimited choices as this closed-combustion fireplace was built in an open space. In a joint effort with our designer, we agreed to provide a contemporary fireplace shape, with the red frame ensuring immediate looks. When following up with our clients on how their Stellenbosch fireplace was working for them, they had the following to say:

“Besides the unique features this fireplace provides, it was refreshing to receive top service throughout all the interactions with the company. The initial consultation, the design, as well as the professionalism of the fireplace builder.”
Family H., Stellenbosch

The installation of this Designer Fireplace
As the fireplace was constructed in an open area the building could start straight away. No weight considerations needed to be taken as this closed-combustion fireplace was built on the ground-floor. Remember a BioFire fireplace can weigh as much as 3.000kg to provide sufficient ceramic refractory mass to provide an even radiant heat output for 12-24 hours after the actual fire has died down. Once the fireplace’s core had been constructed a steel chimney flue was taken through the roof to guarantee perfect draft condition (and absolutely no smoke inside the house).
To add even more visual appeal our experienced team of fireplace professionals added some recesses onto the face of this closed-combustion fireplace. The red frame was painted using Keim mineral based paint. This is important as this all natural paint contains no chemicals that give off fumes when heated.