Classic Fireplace Style in Beachside Mansion

This was another interesting fireplace project for us to complete in 2011. To get started an inefficient gas fireplace needed to be removed. The gas fireplace only provided heat right in the vicinity of the fireplace’s flames. With the new BioFire wood- burning fireplace the entire open plan kitchen and living area is now comfortably heated for 12-24 hours with a single firing. We were very delighted when we received this e-mail message from the owners a few weeks into using this beautiful fireplace:

“Many thanks to you folks at BioFire in Salzburg and Somerset West. My new BioFire does not only look good, even better it works fantastically. Many thanks also to the builder for his superb work.”
Henning Engels, Gordon’s Bay

The installation of this Classic Fireplace
As mentioned above the new BioFire wood-burning fireplace replaced an inefficient gas fireplace. The below photo shows this gas fireplace. As can be seen our experienced fireplace professionals brilliantly used the existing structure. During the design and engineering phase of our wood-burning fireplaces great attention to detail is paid to minimize the impact on any existing structure. In this case some of the solid wall above the gas fireplace needed to be removed in order to fit the patented BioFire ceramic refractory material. This is where the energy produced by the wood-burning fireplace is ultimately stored and later radiated into the room.

To provide the finishing touches our fireplace professionals constructed and moulded all the corners, recesses and bull-noses by hand. All of this made for a truly individual designer fireplace that is as unique as the house in which it is built.