Fireplace Winter warmers in Luxury Guest Lodge

This exciting fireplace project allowed us to install two of our heating wonders simultaneously in a luxury Guest Lodge in Franschhoek. One of the wood-burning fireplaces keeps the Guest-lodge’s common area warm in winter. The second BioFire fireplace was built in the personal residence of the guest lodge’s General Manager. He was kind enough to provide us with the following feedback:

“We have 2 BioFires; one in the Lounge of the Guest House and one in our private cottage. Throughout winter they keep the guest area warm and cosy and help us to avoid additional electricity cost in the form of under floor heating. The same goes for our private quarters, where the modern fireplace not only keeps the living area comfortable, but also provides enough heat to our bedroom upstairs.”

Franschhoek Manor Fireplace

The installation of these Contemporary Fireplaces

Both of these efficient fireplaces were built to eliminate the need for under-floor heating. The Guest Lodge’s large area requires a big fireplace surface area for sufficient radiation. This was achieved through building the unit a little wider than we normally do. Also instead of taking the flue pipe straight up, we could run it into the wall behind for it becomes invisible.

The modern fireplace in the private quarters, was built on a small podium giving it a floating fireplace effect. To complete the modern look a vertical stainless steel fireplace door had been chosen.
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