Traditional Fireplace Design in the Winelands

This BioFire wood-burning fireplace was built to replace an existing inefficient wood burning stove. With so many design options to choose, it quickly became clear that a traditional German Kachelofen (Masonry Heater) look was desired. Our designers came up with a traditional fireplace concept which integrated perfectly with the cosy environment that this home in the Durbanville Winelands provided. After the first complete heating season our client had the following to share:

“The best investment we have made in a long time. It is warm, it is comfortable and it is convenient. Everything that had been promised about the product has been delivered.”
Family Hörtnagel, Durbanville

The installation of this Designer Fireplace
This wood-burning fireplace incorporates the best of both worlds. Firstly the advantages of a modern masonry heater, with its large fireplace glass door and the heavy mass of ceramic refractory material. The fireplace’s glass door provides the initial heat while the fire is burning, whereas the ceramic refractory material provides the stored energy as radiant heat into the room for 12-24 hours after the flames have disappeared.

Secondly this wood-burning fireplace incorporates elements of a traditional Kachelofen (Masonry Heater), with its fireplace bench, arched wood storage and multi-tiered structure.