Classic Fireplace Style in Franschhoek

This fireplace project was an exciting one for us for a number of reasons. Firstly it enabled us to work on and build a fireplace design that we had never done before. Secondly this beautiful home just lent itself to an interior upgrade with one of our wood burning fireplaces. Thirdly the owners, a couple from Johannesburg, were very excited about the final construction of this classic fireplace. In fact they had this to say about the project once the first winter was conquered:

“This elegant fire place is an asset in our home. It has delivered beyond what was expected during a very long and cold winter.” Robert Driman, Franschhoek

The installation of this Classic Fireplace
The new BioFire fireplace replaced the old inefficient open fireplace that was previously in the house. We designed it to accommodate the beautiful painting that can be seen in the background and because of this the structure was extended in width instead of building the fireplace’s radiant heating area any higher.
Our experienced team of fireplace professionals constructed and moulded all the corners, recesses and bull-noses by hand. They did this to round off the timeless design of the fireplace and added a gold frame fireplace window to enhance the effect. All of this made for a truly individual designer fireplace that is as unique as the house in which it is built.