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Fireplaces in Johannesburg

Eco-friendly fireplaces in Johannesburg have come a long way over the past few years, and since the introduction of our unique fireplaces into the South African market have become readily available, highly efficient, and aesthetically pleasing. In fact, there are now many homes and businesses in Johannesburg that have one of our fireplaces as a central feature, a feature that adds comfort, style and even value to the building.

Why Choose Designer Fireplaces?

There are a number of reasons why one of our fireplaces is perfect for a home or business in Johannesburg.

A Designer Fireplace is a Closed Fireplace

Quite simply, the closed heat system found in a Designer Fireplace is more efficient when compared to an open fireplace, as well as slow-combustion fireplaces. In fact, open fireplaces typically lose 90% of their heat out of the chimney while our fireplaces retains up to 88% of its heat.

Did you know? Our closed Designer Fireplaces are safer than conventional open fireplaces. This is because the flames are contained behind a glass door and there is no risk of ignition outside of the fireplace.

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A Designer Fireplace is Aesthetically Pleasing

Each fireplace that we build is built to accommodate the tastes and wishes of the client. This means that the designs we use to create a fireplace masterpiece are limited only by our client’s imagination.

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A Designer Fireplace Helps Improve Your Carbon Footprint

Nobody wants to add to the air pollution problem in Johannesburg, so choosing a Clean Burning fireplace is an ecologically sound decision. This is because the efficiency of the burning and heating process used by a Designer Fireplace means that a single load of wood can give you up to 12 hours of uninterrupted radiant heat.

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A Designer Fireplace is Built Using Quality Ceramics and Not Metal

We use patented Ceramic Bricks to build all of our fireplaces. This means that our fireplaces are built to last a lifetime and will continue to function to full effect long after steel fireplaces have had to be replaced.

The ceramic tiling used to build a Designer Fireplace also adds to the safety aspect that is so important to many of our Johannesburg based clients, particularly those with small children. This is because the high quality ceramic tiles that we use provide the perfect radiant heat, without the surface of the fireplace reaching dangerously high temperatures.

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